MC Saves the Frogs

MC Saves the Frogs.


Author: The Mountain Collegian

The Official Student Publication of Benguet State University, Philippines

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  1. The Mountain Collegian
    First Alumni Meeting
    May 4 2013, 8AM -12NN, Strawberry Hall, CHET BLDG, BSU
    Time started: 10:00 A.M
    Time ended: 12:00 N.N

    MC Alumni Staff/ Editors SY 2013-2014
    1. Buccahan, Leo P.
    2. Palantog, Suzette Joy
    3. Dulnuan, Ray U.
    4. Seriosa, Niňo
    5. Sumalag, Arlene
    6. Loncio, Rhea S.
    5. Crislyn, Balangen
    1. Ngayaan, Rhe-ann
    2. Giye, Richard
    3. Tindo, Juman Kevin
    4. Lee, Bobby Mc Gee
    5. Guerero, Cindy Esther
    6. Tayaban, Eunice
    7. Ocyaden, Gissele

    8. Bengwayan, Grace T. (MC Adviser)
    • MC Golden Anniversary- set on December 2013 (no specific date)
    Open Forum list of talking points
    a. MC golden Anniversary Program
    b. Fund raising
    c. Testimonials and Exhibits
    d. Launching of the Dr. Rudy T. Abastilla Scholarship program
    e. Working Committees
    f. Souvenir program

    A. MC Alumni updates, whereabouts, and developments.
    B. Inputs from the MC Alumni
    B1. Information Dissemination to all MC Alumni via Facebook; Creation of MC Blog (username: MC@50) for announcements and updates.
    B2. MC staff is requested to retrieve MC files, old issues of MC and to create a master list of the names of the past alumni, together with the creation of a working committee.
    B3. Advertisement of the Second General Assembly in the Midland weekly calendar on July 27, 2013, care of Kuya Leo, also with the Animated Me.
    B4. Program flow Insights
    o Tribute to all MC Advisers.
    o Honor all outstanding MC staff and past editors.
    o Exhibit MC past issues, certificates, photos, archives, artifacts and MC Alumni personal files, etc.
    o Frame the page indicating the birth of MC in Dr. Bawang’s memoirs as point of reference in the 50th celebration.
    o Fund raising via workshops with registration fee, souvenir programs, sponsorships, cellphone jacket, etc.
    o May visit orphanage or have a tree planting.
    o Proceeds of 50th Anniversary fund raising will go to the launching of Dr. R. Abastilla Scholarship program. NOTE: Concept paper such as the objectives may be aligned with the goal of the Education for All-2015.
    o Float official letters to MC Alumni care of present MC staff. Note: Create the anniversary logo, so with the official template which will be used in the communication letters. Care of the three current cartoonists with the supervision of Kuya Onin.
    o MC Alumni will be required to make their testimonies on how MC touched their lives and on how the publication helped them to achieve their positions right now. This is in written form about 50-1000 words.
    o Starting June 2013 MC issue will allot a space for these testimonies while those unpublished will be exhibited on 50th celebration.
    o Creation of a personalize plaque or a glass which symbolize MC at 50th which will be presented at the day of celebration.

    • MC to do list & Suggestions
    o Retrieve all the past issues, financial and accomplishments reports compiled in a hard bound in the time of Kuya Leo. Look for MC banner and official seal stamp for the exhibit in the 50th celebration.
    o Look for the first ratified MC CBL dated 1996.
    o Rectify MC banner/ mast head on the next issue. Logo should not be changed and fonts must be similar with that of the original. Only the logo is enhanced either the position should not change.
    o Also, rectify the inconsistencies in the volume of the newspaper. Make an article about it, (c/o of Richard)
    o Research on MC history and write about it, (c/o of Rhe-ann and Richard)
    o MC website/ blog, (c/o Eunice and Juman)
    o Create communication letters, linkages and connections to MC Alumni.
    o Create a MOA with the individual college secretaries concerning with the proper utilization and distribution of MC issues.
    o MC Financial reports. Let the university’s Commission on Audit (COA) to check and audit it for legal purposes. MC could ask legal certifications in the printing press, if needed.
    o Clarify issues with OSA, such as the awards given to staff writer every year and that of “Service Arm” issue etc.
    o Assign and schedule “Officer for the Day”. The attendance will be included in the computation of the individual stipend.
    o Create a committee assigned in the preparation for the 50th anniversary.
    o Mandatory logbook for every section editors to create a systematic flow of articles.
    o MC motto “Protect your right to write what is right.
    • Announcements
    A. July 27 2013- next Alumni general Assembly & Turn over Ceremonies of the newly assigned MC staff.
    B. Find the lost bulk of the compilation of past MC issues.
    C. To all alumni who have saved MC files and papers to bring it during the celebration for exhibit and references.

    Minutes taken and prepared by:


    Certified True


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